Santorini Island

History, attractions and activities to explore Santorini

On the southern region of the Cyclades islands complex in the Aegean Sea, lays an island loved by many. Some say it’s the mythical Lost Atlantis, others that it is simply heaven on earth; for certain, Santorini Island is a breathtakingly beautiful destination that leaves no one unmoved. No visitor ever left Santorini without being deeply in love with this magical place.


Santorini is famous for its spectacular caldera, formed by the devastating volcanic eruption that reshaped the island in 1600 BC. The imposing cliffs, overlooking the sea and the volcano, the breath-taking sunsets, the unique architectural style with the cube shaped whitewashed houses and the cave like homes carved in the rock create an otherworldly atmosphere that enchants and mesmerizes everyone lucky enough to be here. The caldera has a unique appeal, a timeless sense of awe and inspiration, making Santorini a coveted destination for anyone with romance at heart, artists and bon-viveurs.


But Santorini has so much more to offer than its caldera. Jaw-dropping volcanic beaches, a rich culture stretching as far back as the prehistoric times, a rich culinary tradition built around superb quality products and wines fit for the gods are just some of its treasures; find them all and relish in the experience that is the island of Santorini.

No matter what kind of holiday you are after, and regardless of your favourite activities, there are some things that you simply can’t miss when in Santorini. Starting with its amazing products, do not miss tasting the products that grow only here: the fiery cherry tomatoes, the sumptuous white eggplant, the smooth fava and of course, the mouthwatering wines like Vinsanto, Assyrtico, Athiri and Aidani.
Most vineyards in Santorini offer guided tours and in house wine tastings whereas there are designated tours that take you to the island’s finest wineries for a comprehensive taste of the spirits of Santorini.


Another experience once should not leave out of their itinerary when in Santorini is taking a cruise around the island, to best take in the imposing magnificence of nature and its power, the endless beauty of the caldera and the unusual volcanic beaches. Scuba diving is an equally unforgettable experience, whereas swimming in its unique, black sand beaches is a true delight. Some of the most popular beaches on the island are the Red Beach, the White Beach, Perivolos, Kamari, and Perissa, whereas if you are looking for more secluded you should look for Vlychada, Cambia and Columbo.


If you are interested in exploring the rest of the Cyclades, Santorini is an excellent starting point for island hopping expeditions. For more insider’s tips remarkable experiences you should seek for when in Santorini, just ask the Nova Santorini Luxury Suites Hotel ’ people, we would be happy to suggest the island’s best!

How to reach Santorini Island

You can reach Santorini Island by airplane or ship. There are frequent flights from Athens, Thessaloniki and several European cities, whereas by ship you will find numerous ship and ferry options, varying in speed and stops between Santorini and the port of Piraeus. Once in Santorini follow the signs leading to Pyrgos village where Nova Santorini Luxury Hotel Suites is located on the entrance of the village.


Currency: The Euro is the official currency in Greece.


Electricity Supply: 220 volts a.c. at 50 Hz. The wall sockets have two or three round holes as in continental Europe.


Country dialing code: +30 (or 0030)


Water: Network supplied water in Santorini Island is not drinkable.


Time Zone: 2 hours ahead of GMT in the winter 3 in the summer. In practice 1 hour ahead of continental Europe, 2 hours from the U.K. and 7 hrs from the US East Coast.


Driving: Driving in Greece is on the right hand side.


Credit Cards: Visa, Diners Club, American Express, Master Card are accepted at most shops and restaurants.


Visa Requirements: Greece is part of the Shengen treaty so European Union travelers from other countries members of the treaty do not need a passport. All Citizens of European Union countries have free access. A visa is not needed for visitors from USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand staying of up to three months. Visitors from all other countries have to obtain a visa from the Greek Embassy or the Consulate in their residence country. For duration of stay longer than 3 months, they have to obtain permission from the Aliens Bureau in Athens.


Helpful Phone Numbers


Santorini Calling Code: +30 22860

Blue Star Ferries, T. +30 2108919800
Hellenic Seaways, T. +30 2104199000
Hellenic Seaways High Speed, T. +30 2104199000,
Sea Jet, T. +30 2104121001
Santorini Port Authority T. +30 22860 22239.
Olympic Air, T. +30 2103550500
Aegean Airlines, T. 8011120000, +30 2286028500,
Santorini Airport T. 30 22860 28400


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